How To Spend It Well At Christmas With Phillip Schofield – Episode 1, Toys

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How To Spend It Well At Christmas with Phillip Schofield

So, did any of you watch Phillip Schofield on ITV last night in his new three part series, How To Spend It Well At Christmas? In this series Schofield and celebrity guests, along with members of the public, test drive the latest gifts, gadgets, food and drink just in time for Christmas.

Last night’s episode, the first, was all about toys. Well, Christmas is for the kids, isn’t it, so only fitting that he kicks off the series with this subject. Mind you, it looked like some of the adult guests were having just as much fun as the children involved. Continue reading

Give Jo Malone Gifts This Year

One of the most loved names these days in fragrances for ladies, gents and the home, is Jo Malone.

Formed in 1983 in London, despite leaving school with no qualifications and struggling with dyslexia, Jo Malone built her brand from scratch into a multi million pound business, until it was bought by Estee Lauder in 1999. She continued to work for the company until 2006 as a creative director.

As well as being popular for it’s luxury fragrances, their strict stance on not testing on animals is a big hit with people. As well as perfumes there are candles and diffusers available.

Jo Malone Fragrances

Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin Cologne Spray

The signature fragrance of the brand, it has a unisex feel and is perfect for the summer months.




Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Cologne

One of the bestselling Jo Malone fragrances, with pomegranate, raspberry and plum. Perfect for evening dates.


Jo Malone Amber & Lavender Cologne

A big favourite with both men and women, with hints of grapefruit, nutmeg and ginger.






Jo Malone Mimosa & Cardamom Cologne

Oriental and floral, another fragrance popular with both men and women.




The above are just a few of the Jo Malone fragrances available, but you can check them all out here.

Alternatively, you may want to choose a set of several fragrances.

Jo Malone Candles

As well as some of the fragrances above, Jo Malone candles come in a wide variety of perfumes.

Products from

The 200g candles come in presentation boxes fastened with a ribbon. They will burn for about 45 hours in total, so will last long through the festive seaosn and well into the New Year.

Jo Malone Skin Care

Jo Malone also has a large selection of skin care products, including body lotions, creams and oils, and hand and nail creams.

In 2016 Jo Malone wrote her autobiography, a great tale of her story through her childhood to becoming a successful business woman, and beyond. This story will strike a chord with her fans, and will make a lovely surprise addition to their gifts.

Last Few Days To Get Your 2017 Advent Calendars

Advent Calendars  Best Gift GuideAdvent calendars are traditionally given to children from the 1st of December, and have doors numbered 1 to 24. On each day in December in the run up to Christmas, the children can open a door, behind which they will find a chocolate or toy.

However, in recent years, advent calendars have been made to fit a wider audience. Beauty advent calendars have become common – as children move into their teenage years parents still want to buy them a calendar, but something more age appropriate.

Here’s a selection of advent calendars you can get this year:

The Amazon Beauty Advent Calendar is one of the most popular calendars as it features a mix of 24 different products. Not only does this give you variety, but you can try new brands that you may not know already. There may be items though that you won;t want to use.




Bomb Cosmetics have created this bath bomb advent calendar which is a great idea for young ladies who like to bath. All their products are not tested on animals, so this is a great selling point. Of course the bombs are quite small compared to if you were buying a bath bomb alone, but there is nothing to stop you using a second if needs be.




The Mad Beauty Advent Calendar contains 24 mini beauty treats. This is perfect for young teenagers in particular.






The Technic Perfectly Polished Advent Calendar contains a different coloured nail varnish for each day in the lead up to Christmas.




If you are looking for an advent calendar for a loved one, then these two luxury calendars would show them not only that you love them, but how thoughtful you are. Of course, you may have made a rod for your own back in future years!

The Morris & Co Pure Advent Calendar contains 24 bath and body products. These handbag sized products make perfect travel accessories. 






The essie Original Nail Polish Advent Calendar contains 24 nail polishes and nail care products. 






If you want an alternative to these beauty calendars, then the SIX Advent Calendar contains 24 jewellery surprise gifts. including stud earrings, bracelets rings and necklaces. Perfect for young teenagers, although one buyer said he brought for his wife and she loved it.

Yankee Candle have come up with a few calendars that contain their great tea lights and votive candles.

Products from

If alcohol is more your thing, then check out these calendars for a wide variety of drinks. Cheers!

Give A Back Scrubber As A Gift?

Exfoliating Brushes | Best Gift GuideIf you have a friend who you ask what they want for Christmas, and they say a back scrubber, you may question whether that is something you can give. I mean, it’s not the usual type of request, but if it is something they have thought about (and if they come up with that answer then they obviously have), then the best you can do is give it some thought and buy them what they want.

I am talking from experience here, as this is precisely what I asked for a couple of years ago from my other half! And she did fantastically well in coming up with the goods! Even if she thought I was a bit weird… Continue reading

What To Buy Someone Who Likes Birdwatching

Gifts For Birdwatchers | Best Gift GuideChristmas is around the corner and if your friend is a bird watching hobbyist, here are a few things you can consider getting him this holiday season.  So you know what to buy from the sporting goods store, you have to know what a bird watching enthusiast brings along when he or she is out there in the  woods. Continue reading

Arts & Crafts

Craft for children | Best Gift Guide

Arts and crafts gifts are great for just about anyone, young or old, because they’re a good way to spend some time relaxing and working on something, and it’s also productive most of the time.

Anyone can pick up arts and crafts fairly easily, and make some pretty interesting things, whether they’re beginners or experts. One of the most popular crazes in 2017 among young children is making slime. Continue reading

Tools & Brushes Gift Sets

Make-Up Brushes | Best Gift GuidePersonal grooming care means having the right tools to do the job that a person looks his or her best. The brushes that come with some of the cosmetic items that you can buy really aren’t quality material.

Most luxury beauty items don’t even include brushes or applicators because it’s assumed the user will have a professional, upscale or luxury set already on hand. That’s why getting a gift in this category is something that the recipient will love. Continue reading

Electronic Toys

Electronic Toys | Best Gift Guide

Electronics have greatly improved the quality of toys nowadays, adding sounds, lights, and other feedback that makes toys more interactive. These responses will make your kids a bit brighter and more creative, and it adds a whole new level of fun to your kid’s toys.

One great example of an electronic toy is the plug and play classic games. They’re very easy to use, and great for any kids, younger or older. They’re little joystick boxes that you can plug into the TV and play classic 1980s arcade games on. Continue reading

Winter Sports Gifts

Winter Sports Gifts | Best Gift GuideFor winter sports, they may end up having to travel a bit to get to a place where they can engage in them, depending on where they live, but it’s so worth it once they do. Obviously, since they’re going out somewhere cold to do them, you need to be sure they have enough winter sports clothing to keep them warm.

Multiple layers are highly recommended, both for pants and for jackets. One of the most popular winter sports is skiing. Skiing is almost always done at a resort, so you typically rent your skis from them, and they make sure they fit properly on you and that you’re all set to go. Continue reading

Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones can do so much more today than they used to be able to do. It used to be that they were good for making phone calls or using them to set calendar reminders or alarms, but that was about it.

Now, a good mobile phone with a decent operating system can do what a tablet can do and then some. Anyone can use a mobile phone. Many people on your list might want to upgrade, but can’t necessarily afford to do that. Continue reading