Advent Calendars For Men 2018

As we hit the middle of November we start to really think about Christmas, and the never ending present buying. Ok, we still have well over a month, but of course the 1st of December will be here before you know it. And on 1st we all like to start opening our advent calendars – the Christmas countdown is finally on it’s way.

Whilst advent calendars are great for the children in our lives, lets not forget the men in our lives too, and give them a daily treat to look forward to. Here is our choice of advent calendars for men.

Beer Hawk 2018 Craft Beer Advent Calendar Set

I have to start with the Beer Hawk Craft Beer Advent Calendar, because this is what I would want. (Yes, that is a massive hint…). Discover a new beer every day for 24 days, each from a different brewery.

If your man is a beer drinker then he will be thrilled to try some new beers. Chosen by Beer Hawk’s experts, these 330 ml cans will introduce some that you may have never heard of, but will open his eyes to something other than his usual.

Alternative – Blue Tree’s 24 Bottle Craft Beer Advent Calendar

Man’Stuff Mega Toiletry Advent Calendar

Each day reveals a new toiletry item for your man. As well as making them smarter in the run up to the big day, you will be pleased that this comes from a UK brand that adopts a cruelty free policy.

Alternative – Accentra Beauty Advent Calendar

Christmas Beard Oil Advent Calendar

Now this won’t be a fit for every man, but if you have a bearded man in your life, then this will be a hit. Open 24 different scented beard oils and smell lovely through December. Each bottle contains 2ml of scented oil – enough for several days use with many men.

I couldn’t find an alternative, but I did find this Christmas baubles beard set – please do not buy this, it looks awful!

Fragrance Advent Calendar

With 24 different fragrances is 15ml bottles, this advent calendar will give your man a chance to try new fragrances that may just become his signature scent.


Alternative – Technic Man’Stuff Toiletry 12 day Advent Calendar

Duerrs Jam & Marmalade Advent Calendar

Now I love jam and marmalade on toast in the mornings, although during the week I don’t often get time. So an advent calendar with 24 20g pots really appeals to me. Not only that, you get a mini jar of whisky and marmalade – yum! But the only downside is that you get 12 of the same strawberry jam, and 12 of the marmalade. Compared to the other calendars this seems a little disappointing in choice, but if you want jam and marmalade, then why not?

Alternative – C&T Organic Spices Advent Calendar