How To Spend It Well At Christmas With Phillip Schofield – Episode 2, Gifts & Gadgets For Grownups

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So after Phillip Schofield had looked at toys for children, it was the turn of the adults in episode 2 of How To Spend It Well At Christmas.


First off, Phillip pulled in some expert help in the form of the ladies from The Real Housewives of Cheshire. Now, I hold my hands up and admit I have never seen this program, and after watching them, I don’t particularly need to! But these ladies are fashionistas, and think nothing of spending their (husbands’) hard earned cash on designer goodies.

They were comparing 5 black handbags that ranged in cost between £15 and £160 against a Gucci handbag that was priced at £715. Which of the 5 would get the most votes? Now, I admit I didn’t get the full details of each one, but it was interesting all the same. The links below are examples of the brands, but not the exact bags in question.

In fifth place and costing £99 was Kurt Geiger, followed by the cheapest handbag from Asos at £15. In third was a bag from Dune retailing at £60, with the most expensive bag from Ted Baker (£160) the runner-up. But the surprise winner was a £20 handbag from Miss Selfridge! They vowed to keep this a secret from their husbands, especially the lady who stated she preferred the winner to the Gucci designer bag.

Products from

New Technology

The show took a slightly more high brow turn once the ladies had left, by looking at what new technology is on the market.

If you are looking for a top of the range projector, then the Sony 32GB Xperia Touch Projector  is the projector for you. With wifi connectivity you can use this to project the latest YouTube videos, recipes or games onto your walls, floor or table top.

The latest offering from Apple gives greater independence from your iPhone by allowing you to make calls from your watch, even though it shares the same number. At present the technology is only supported by EE though… which is a bit of a downside.

Play the latest games such as  Halo 5: Guardians, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Forza Motorsport 6 on the XBox One.

Having gone from some really high tech gifts, the Selfie Light Case is such a simple idea, but one that will resonate with so many of today’s youth. Capture the perfect selfie in any light with this great device – your Instagram selfies will be perfect without the need for any filters.

There was then an interesting Mastermind-style quiz in order to see which of your home assistants prove to be the most helpful – the Amazon Echo or Google Home. Whilst each had their own areas of strength, they proved to be pretty much equal!


Colleen Nolan visited a shopping centre armed with 2 perfumes – J’adore by Christian Dior, priced at about £87, and Rose by Zara priced at about £10.

She stopped ladies who were shopping, and asked them to try both perfumes, and vote for their favourite out of the two. Obviously the bottles were covered… Out of 20 voters, 8 went for the greatly more expensive J’adore with 12 going for the cheaper option of Rosy by Zara.

So guys – with Valentine’s Day around the corner – it may be worth doing your own research in a bid to save money!


Phillip met up with Vernon Kay, a keen enthusiast, to test out some drones. After Phillip had crashed the Simtoo Moment into a wall, they enlisted the help of World Champion Drone Pilot Luke Bannister to test out 3 remaining drones. He flew them around an assault course, twice each drone, to see which was the fastest.

DJI Spark 30.2 seconds
Parrot Bebop 26.6 seconds
Yuneeq Breeze 27.8 seconds


Are the latest electric razors as good as a wet shave? They tested the Braun Series 9 Wet and Dry Shaver against relative newcomers to the market – Harry’s Razors.

Each of the men – or should I say guinea pigs or judges? – was shaved by both razors, half face with the Braun and half with Harry’s Razor. Which came out on top? Despite the cost of the Braun – over £200 – it was Harry’s Razor that came out on top.


Some of the various other items that were covered included the Licki Brush, designed for you to brush your cat whilst holding the brush in your mouth, in a licking motion. Supposedly this feels relaxing for both you and your cat, although Phillip looked bizarre!

The Trendsetter Stain Resistant Shirt test was pretty conclusive, while the portion that looked into quality of sleep came up with an amazing pillow – the Zeeq Smart Pillow. Alternatives to help you sleep was music in the form of frogs chirping and being woken up by a smell alarm cake!

Also shown were the Airhogs DR1 FPV race drone, the Illumibowl Toilet Night Light, Sodacado – an avocado shaped portable charger – and the Nokia 3310perfect for a backup phone for nights out (in case you get a bit worse for wear and either lose or drop your hone).

The second show was as good as the first, with the same mix of laughs and reviews. I do hope this becomes an annual fixture in the TV schedules – Phillip is perfect for this.

Smart Wearable Gifts

Smart Wearables | Best Gift GuideOne of the most common, useful, and basic pieces of smart technology is the tech you can wear and they make wonderful gifts this Christmas season. The most common type of wearable tech is the smart watch. Smart watches are often geared towards fitness tracking, but also do a fine job of keeping track of time and performing a few other duties.

Possibly the most well-known smart watch is the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch requires an iPhone 5 or later to work with it, and it allows you to access most of the information on your phone from your wrist.

For example, you can read and respond to text messages by using the touch screen interface, or by using Siri. You can also see your calendar events, the weather, and even some basic health information like your heart rate and walking speed. Continue reading