How To Choose A Hair Dryer

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(Last Updated On: October 15, 2018)

When it comes to personal appearances, your hair is one of the first things that people see, especially from a distance. So if you want to make an impression, you really want to try to look after your hair as much as possible.

Hair dryers come in a variety of models and have certain different benefits, so choose wisely. What’s good for someone with big curly hair may not be the same as for those with short spiky hair.

Here’s our choice of hair dryers that you may want to purchase for yourself, or for friends and loved ones as a gift for Christmas this year. Click on the pictures or scroll down for more details of each one:

Babyliss 2100 Elegance Hair Dryer 2100 W 3 Heats, 2 Speeds
Remington D3190 Ionic Hair Dryer 2200 W 3 Heats, 2 Speeds
Remington AC9140 Proluxe Hair Dryer 2400 W 3 Heats, 2 Speeds
Babyliss 3Q Professional Hair Dryer 2200 W 3 Heats, 2 Speeds
MHU Professional Ionic Hair Dryer 1800 W 3 Heats, 2 Speeds
ghd Air Hair Dryer (2013 model) 2100 W
BaByliss 5548U Dry and Curl 2100 W 3 Heats, 2 Speeds

Ionic Hair Dryers

Ionic hair dryers are great for thick or frizzy hair. They break up water drops quicker by giving off negative ions, thus drying your hair much quicker. However, if you have thin or fine hair, you are probably best to avoid an ionic hair dryer. They aren’t great at building volume either.

If you have really fuzzy hair, you may want to invest in a top of the range tourmaline hair dryer.

Ceramic Hair Dryer

Ceramic hair dryers are good for fine hair, as the heat they give out is more consistent. Some ceramic hair dryers use infrared technology, which helps hair dry quicker from deep down outwards.

Titanium Hair Dryer

A titanium hair dryer is good if you have lots of hair, especially if it is very thick. However the heat that it uses gets very hot, so would damage fine hair. They are usually lighter than other hair dryers.

Hair Dryer Power

The wattage of a hair dryer shows the power — the higher the number the more power, and the quicker your hair will dry. It’s best to choose a dryer with at least 1600 watts, and if you have thick hair look for one with at least 1800 watts.


If you have a low power hair dryer, and really thick hair, you may take a long time to dry your hair. If you have a heavy dryer too, your arms are soon going to get tired. So where possible, choose a lightweight dryer but with plenty of power.

Heat Settings

You’ll want a hair dryer with at least 3 heat settings – low, medium and high. Generally speaking the lowest setting will be good enough for fine hair, and the highest setting for really thick hair. Being able to change the heat settings to suit will be a great benefit.

Your hair dryer may have a cool setting. This is good for finishing your hair, and can give a smooth, sleek finish.


A diffuser is an attachment that is great for use with wavy or curly hair. It attaches onto the end of your hair dryer nozzle, and distributes hot air to the roots over a greater distance.


If you have straight hair, you will want to use a nozzle attachment. This will snap onto the end of your hair dryer and it has a slim opening to allow the air out. Try to keep it a short distance from the hair, pointing downwards, as you run a brush through at the same time.

Babyliss 2100 Elegance Hair Dryer

The Babyliss 2100 Elegance Hair Dryer is a high power, ionic hair dryer that gives a fast dry whilst also being lightweight. It comes with an ultra slim nozzle, and gives a great finish, with reduced frizz and smooth finish with less need for other finishing products.



Remington D3190 2200 W Ionic Hair Dryer

The Remington D3190 2200 W Ionic Hair Dryer is a super powerful hair dryer with three heat settings and two speed settings. It weighs just under 800 grammes, which is a little on the heavy side, but comes with a detachable rear grill for easy cleaning.



Remington AC 9140

The Remington AC 9140 is a salon like hair dryer, which comes with two styling nozzles and a diffuser. It has 90% more ions than other Remington dryers, to give a smooth finish. Whilst it is a little heavy, it is so powerful that you won’t be holding it for as long as some other dryers, and thus won’t get tired too quickly. Good value for money.



Babyliss 3Q Professional Hair Dryer

You may wonder what you get for the extra money of the Babyliss 3Q Professional Hair Dryer. It is supremely light, at just over 500 grammes, and has an intelligent motor for fast drying, which has a 10 year guarantee. It has 40% more air pressure than most dryers, and has an ultra slim nozzle for styling. It is also one of the quietest hair dryers. Whilst it is engineered for better handling, some people are not used to the design and thus found it hard to hold.

MHU Professional Ionic Hair Dryer

The MHU Professional Ionic Hair Dryer uses far infrared technology for a quicker drying time by reaching to the cuticles of your hair rather than the surface . It comes with a diffuser and concentrator attachments, and has a removable lint filter. It has a long lead compared to some others, and the hook on it means that it is possible to hang up to cool down. Because of the infrared technology, it never gets too hot and doesn’t burn your scalp.

ghd Air Hair Dryer (2013 model)

This is a top quality professional hair dryer, with a long 3 metre lead that would not look out of place in a salon. It has a sleek design that helps give a quick dry, powered by the 2100 watt motor. Ergonomically designed for easy use by both left and right handed people. An ionic dryer, it has two nozzles for greater choice when styling, and a cool shot button to help set your style.


BaByliss 5548U Dry and Curl

Another ionic hair dryer, the BaByliss 5548U Dry and Curl provides more quality than the price may infer. It comes with 3 heat settings, 2 speeds, a nozzle, diffuser and a 3 year manufacturers guarantee.




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