Decoupage: A Fun Way To Be Creative

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(Last Updated On: November 25, 2018)

Decoupage | Best Gift GuideKeeping the kids entertained on weekends and holidays can be difficult, particularly during the winter months when playing outside isn’t really an option. But there are so many wonderful craft ideas available to kids that this no longer has to be a problem.

Crafts helps kids use their imagination and art skills to make something they can treasure. Most often these treasures can be made using everyday household items and so are a cheap option too!

Decoupage boxes are an excellent way to create unique storage places for the kids rooms and they are so simple and easy to make. If you are not sure what decoupage is, then read on.

Start with a box and go through old magazines and cut out or tear pictures and phrases that would look good on the box. This is also a great way to use up old holiday wrapping paper.

Once you have enough pictures to cover the box, mix 2 parts of white craft glue with 1 part water (2tsp: 1tsp should be enough) or use some special decoupage glue. The glue should be thick but thin enough that it can be painted on.

With a paint brush cover one side of the box with the glue mix and start layering on your pictures. Paint the glue over the top of the picture as you go to create a varnished effect.  Do the same all the way around the box and lid until it is completely covered. If the pictures bubble a little just smooth them down with the paint brush. Once it has completely dried your box is complete.

Decoupage has become quite popular these days. I remember one of my sisters getting into it when I was a teenager, but then it seemed to go quiet. But it is back now and companies have realised the potential, making lovely boxes and shapes for you to decorate.

Personally, I love the animals, although you may want to start with something a bit easier. But here is a selection:

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Another popular item are letters – you can get small and big ones, so either the initial letter of their name or even the whole name.

You can get special packs of papers for using on your decoupage projects. These are usually in sets that are similar in colour or contrast well, with various patterns. You can even get special themed sets, for example for Christmas.

Priced at just a few pounds for packs of 6 or more sheets, they are an easy option when you don’t want to spend the time helping your children look through magazines.

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If you find that your child enjoys this activity, you may want to buy this bumper set of papers. You can also get kits which encompass both the animals and paper, and these prove very popular.

If your child is into crafts but hasn’t tried decoupage yet, then why not buy them a small box and papers and see how they enjoy it. My daughters love it and we often spend a wet and rainy day inside crafting something special.

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