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(Last Updated On: May 28, 2018)

Xbox games

If you’re looking at gaming gift ideas, you can’t go wrong choosing one of the many Xbox options that are available. One of the most popular ones as well as the one being on the top of every game lover’s holiday wish list is the Xbox One S.

This console allows users to play their favourite games and gives them options for the latest releases. You can find these sold as a console or as bundles. The bundles, even with their varying game titles, are all popular.

The is a bundle deal. With this gift, the user will get the console, the complete Battlefield 1 game, the Xbox wireless controller, the HDMI cable, a power cable and a couple of extra trial game access features for EA and Xbox Live Gold.

You can get the same deal in a bundle but the game changes to Gears of War 4. Or, you can get the Forza Horizon 3 bundle. You can get the Xbox 360 console and some of these you can still get as a bundle.

Many of them offer players a free trial to . One of the things that’s popular with Xbox are getting the different controllers that are different from what you’d get in a bundle.

One of these is the wireless controller the Dawn Shadow special edition. You can get one of the wireless controllers in blue as well and these different hued controllers are on many wish lists this season.




Something else that’s topping many lists is the docking station for Xbox One that’s designed to be compatible with the X as well as the S controllers. It’s the Fosmon Dual Shot high speed docking station.

One thing that Xbox is well known for is the kind of games that you can get with the various consoles. Many of these are such huge hits that when the pre-order sales begin, they can end up selling out quickly.

These games are usually broken down by who’s going to be playing them. For example, the games that are for kids are geared towards family entertainment. This means that there will be less or no violence in the game.

The newest kid game for 2017 is the and it’s not out yet, but you can pre-order it in time for the holidays. Or you can get the LEGO Ninjango game.

For adults, the newest and most wished for upcoming games for the year 2017 are Konami Pro Evolution Soccer 2018, Nascar Heat 2 and Dishonored: Death of the Outsider.


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