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(Last Updated On: May 28, 2018)

Ever since the G.I. Joe line of toys were released in the 1960s, action figures have become incredibly popular among young children and even teenagers. They were exciting, and kids could stage big battles between their favourite characters from cartoons and movies.

Even though kids today can play on tablets and computers, many of them still enjoy playing with action figures. One of the most popular lines of toys for younger kids is the Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots.

There are a few different ones, such as Heatwave and Chase. Like all Transformers, they go from being robots to vehicles. Because these toys are meant for younger children, they’re very easy to transform without any complicated process, so you won’t have to help your kid with it every time they want to change it.

Transformers toys aren’t just available for young kids, though. There are more advanced versions for older kids, up into their preteen years. These models are much more detailed and more complicated to transform from the robot mode into the vehicle more.

There are even display figures if you know someone who collects those kinds of things. One line of toys that’s become fairly popular for kids is the VTech Switch & Go Dinos. Much like Transformers, they go from being cars to beings, but instead of transforming into humanoid robots, they turn into dinosaur robots.

All of them have LCD screens that change depending on the mode they’re in, either showing a facial expression of the car driver or the eyes of the dinosaur. Kids will surely have these on their wish list this Christmas!

While they’re not exactly action figures, Hatchimals are one of the most popular figures kids will be asking for this Christmas. The great things is that each toy is a surprise until it hatches, so it really is a gift that keeps on giving.

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