Give A Back Scrubber As A Gift?

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(Last Updated On: August 18, 2018)

Exfoliating Brushes | Best Gift GuideIf you have a friend who you ask what they want for Christmas, and they say a back scrubber, you may question whether that is something you can give. I mean, it’s not the usual type of request, but if it is something they have thought about (and if they come up with that answer then they obviously have), then the best you can do is give it some thought and buy them what they want.

I am talking from experience here, as this is precisely what I asked for a couple of years ago from my other half! And she did fantastically well in coming up with the goods! Even if she thought I was a bit weird…

But the problem I had, and I am not alone here, was that I needed to exfoliate my back, and reaching around in the shower was not only hard to do, but just wasn’t working. I needed some help, and no, she wasn’t going to offer – this is a family friendly site.

My back was itchy from clogged pores and dead skin. And as much as I tried, I couldn’t remove them without some aid. So not only did she buy me a long handled brush but also a tub of body scrub that was made from cocoa shells – the smell is just divine.

So apart from reach, what other benefits are there? Well exfoliating the back will help prevent acne. Although this is most common in teenage boys, everyone can be prone to back acne, especially as our backs are covered up lots, especially in the winter months. But if you want to look the best when the sun comes out and temperatures rise, or maybe you have a daring backless dress for the Christmas party, then looking after your back all year round will go a long way to help.

Exfoliating aids in blood circulation, as well as removing dead skin and unclogging pores. It can also help by giving you a self massage, especially with brushes that have a wooden massaging head on the reverse. Whilst we would all love a massage in a spa, this will help in between those rare chances.

So what types are there? First of all you can get long cloth type belts with handles on the end. These are great for reaching a wide area at once, and the handles make the job so much easier.

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They can come in thick material, hemp or similar, or even rubber! As your back skin is much tougher than the skin on your face, I find that the rougher materials are the best, would plump for one made from hemp.

This one is currently less than £10 as I write, and comes with a bath mitt made from the same material, which will help for other areas o your body that are more easily accessible.





Most people would immediately think of brushes when discussing back scrubbers. These are great but ideally you will get one that has a gently curved handle to aid reach.

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They usually come with wooden handles, although you van get some plastic ones. As you can see above, as well as bristles, some have heads that are made from loofah like material. I had one of these and it was perfect, except after quite a few months I found that the loofah part fell off! Nothing worse than poking yourself with a bit of wood before you realise.

This brush from AECHOO has bristles on one side for use in the shower or bath, with the other side perfect for dry brushing prior to a shower. Currently less than £10 it is a steal.



However, if you want to pay just a few pounds more you may opt for this one from Ineffable Care which has detachable heads for wet and dry brushing. 

You may want to opt for a loofah. More affordable at just over a pound upwards, ideally you would choose the longest possible.

As mentioned, my other half got me a scrub to help with the process. These are made from luxurious creams with natural abrasive materials, such as cocoa shells or seeds.

I remember when I was growing up my sister had this apricot body scrub – although not being a fan of apricots I didn’t like the smell. Having said that, which teenage boy is interested in smells of products?





No matter which product you choose, you will be doing your friend a favour by selecting something that they have asked for. And men, if your loved one has said this, impress them by showing you have done some research into the different options available – don’t just choose the first one you see, select one that yo know they will love and appreciate.

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